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Chanie Wenjack School For Indigenous Studies


Welcome to the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies Gatherings and Events Portal

Nia:wen, Boozhoo, Sago, Wachay, Tansi, Welcome!

We are delighted to welcome you to our dedicated portal for gatherings and events at the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies at Trent University. This space is a hub for celebrating Indigenous voices, wisdom, culture, and creativity through a series of enriching events, symposia, and workshops.

Here, you will find comprehensive information on our upcoming events as well as opportunities to engage with diverse Indigenous voices. Our events aim to foster understanding, collaboration, and unity, as we come together to explore and honour Indigenous knowledges and perspectives.

Whether you are an Indigenous community member, a student eager to delve deeper into Indigenous Studies, or simply someone interested in broadening your horizons, we invite you to navigate our website, explore our event listings, and join us in our shared journey of discovery, celebration, and understanding.

We look forward to welcoming you, learning with you, and growing with you.

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